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Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Healthier

To improve the life and appearance of your carpet then you should follow major parts in daily life.
Vacuum your carpets and rugs weekly with a bag vacuum. However, it is important to note that while vacuuming does pick up dirt and dust on the surface, there can be a lot of bacteria and allergens trapped deep down within the fibers of the carpet including pet dander and urine, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust. While these toxins may not be visible to homeowners, they can still be the source of unpleasant health issues and allergy symptoms. Vacuuming and routine cleaning are helpful in maintaining cleaner carpets, but they are simply not enough. For this reason, we recommends getting carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and in homes with pets and/or children, it recommends bringing in a cleaning service, such as Central Arizona Works, two to three times per year.

Use door mats or area rugs in entry ways and high-traffic areas.

The fact is that the carpets and rugs act as filters that capture and trap dirt, dust and allergens and prevent them from getting into the air and spreading throughout the home. On the hard surfaces, these particles simply settle and then are stirred back into the air and next time there is traffic and activity in the area. Using door mats and area rugs is an effective and inexpensive way to prevent unwanted and unhealthy particles from getting deeper into your home or from remaining in the air where they can spread more easily to members of the family.

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Make use of rugs in small living room

If you are looking for ways to decorate a small living space in your home,then you can add a great deal of artistic value just by using rugs. They are more affordable option than installing carpet. Rugs are the perfect choice for all. Best option in low budget.

Why we need professionals for cleaning

While the carpets provide warmth, comfort, and beauty to many homes, they also harbor a number of germs and bacteria. Although carpets may appear to look clean and they are secretly home to hundreds of dirt, germs, and allergens. For this reason, it is important that carpets and rug lovers care for their carpets and rugs and have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Regularly wipe down countertops

Countertops are not only where food is prepared, but it’s also present where dirt, dust, bacteria and allergen particles floating in the air often settle. If you have a countertop with granite or tile, it’s best to use a mild cleaner and preferably one that can refresh the sealer.

Tips for long healthy life for carpets

While regular carpet cleaning by professionals is necessary for all to ensure your carpet leads a long and healthy life, additional care and maintenance on your part can go a long way. Proper care and maintenance of your carpet will extend its useful life and preserve its appearance longer.